My name is Kenya Taylor
and I’m running for County Board of Supervisors in District 2.

I’m running for Supervisor because our neighborhoods deserve more. We deserve a County government that is focused on the health, safety, and economic survival of every city, community, and neighborhood.

With over three decades working across the East County helping youth, families, and seniors receive the services they desperately needed from the County has prepared me to advocate for our community. With your support, I look forward to fighting for our vision to improve our communities.



  • Support small business owners
  • Initiate emerging career paths to increase our competitiveness in workforce trends
  • Develop innovative programs for women veterans and young adults
  • Promote farming, organic foods, and green jobs
  • Design apprenticeship programs in schools to stop a pipeline to prison and create a pipeline to careers

Safety &

  • Create affordable housing opportunities
  • Champion safe schools to prevent bullying and build healthy relationships
  • Invest in prevention resources to address fires and other emergency response needs
  • Implement a long-term plan to address homelessness
  • Utilize community-based organizations to build stronger neighborhoods

Health &

  • Promote Prevention and Early Intervention funding to save the County money  
  • Improve quality health care, access, and effective drug addiction and mental health programs
  • Maximize resources to increase successful aging for seniors  
  • Implement solutions to address self-sufficiency, child care, and domestic violence
  • Stop Cottonwood and El Monte Sand Mines

About Kenya

Having a strong background in behavioral health and community activism, I’m passionate about the health and wellbeing of my community. My work allows me to travel all around east San Diego County, and I want to make sure the residents in my district can live happy and healthy lives.

I am a firm believer in maximizing community collaboration and focusing on evidence-based solutions. During my career, I have devoted myself on the needs of families, aging population as well as homeless individuals. I have facilitated individual and family therapy services to clients facing school challenges, promoted intergenerational programs for older adults and elementary school students, and helped homeless library patrons access child care and other services. While working in our rural communities, I have worked in schools, primary care, and with seniors addressing mental health issues, substance abuse, homelessness, and pain management.

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I have brought people together while navigating our complex government bureaucracy. I graduated from Valhalla High School and earned my Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Master of Science in Counseling, specializing in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling from San Diego State University.

I was born and raised in San Diego County, and have lived in Rancho San Diego over 30 years with my family.

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